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Taizhou ouwei machinery company.,ltd located in TaiZhou City,Zhejiang province,which is the profeestional manufacturer of hedge trimmer,chain saw,brushc cutter,tea plucking machine,water pump and other small engine machines.

Company has first-class technical forces and advanced equipments of production,processing and technical developing,It has more 10 senior engineers and designers, and more than 50 of professional technical workers,It is equipped high precision machining equipment including imported large gantry milling machine,imported pay attention to the science and technology.we have 3 production line and plan that in 2015,all kinds of our products got CE certificate successively.Many sophisticated equipment and the ISO:9001:2008 management system are adopted which are the guarantees that stimnlate the company's rapid development and enhance its competitive force.

We insist"Building superiority by technology,seize market by quality",dedicated service with domestic and international customers ,in the sense of innovation ,and constantly updated technical equipment,resolve to make chinses famous products.we believe OUWEI will be the best option for you,your satisfaction are the OUWEI driving force.

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